Since the beginning of the year, you may have noticed the appearance of small badges on certain products in the store. In this article we will explain how to interpret this information.

The purpose of these badges is to inform you during the consultation of our catalog, of the state of the products present online without even having to enter in each product. These indications are therefore an aid to navigation on our shop.

As a reminder, if a product is in our store, even unavailable for purchase, this means that we have the possibility of repurchasing this model from the brand or the supplier. If you want to buy a specific kendama model that you cannot find in our store, this means that we do not (or not yet) have the possibility of reselling this product. If it is a model that you had already seen with us and which is no longer present in the catalog then it is because we have stopped working on this reference.


This information tells you that the product is currently no longer available for purchase, and that we are waiting to be able to recommend it. Adding to cart is no longer available, however it is possible to enter your e-mail address in order to be alerted immediately as soon as the model comes back online.


When the SOON banner is displayed on a product that is OUT OF STOCK, it means that the product is being supplied by the brand or the supplier and that the package is being delivered. The product will therefore be in stock and available for purchase in the coming days. If you have registered by email to be alerted of its arrival then you just have to wait.


When the SOON badge is present on its own, it means that it is a new product and that it is already on the way. We specify the day and time of the drop in the product sheet. The product is not yet available for purchase and cannot be added to the cart. Once the product is in stock, it will have the green NEW badge and will be purchasable.


The NEW badge is present on a product when it arrives in our store. New products have this badge for two weeks. Note: it may be a kendama that has already been released by the brand for several times but that we had not yet had the opportunity to offer in our product catalog. At KDF, new products are always on the front page of the store!


Finally, the LAST logo is present on all products which are notified in low quantities. This means that it is present when there is one or two quantities left in stock for the reference. Once unavailable, this badge will disappear and the product will be marked OUT OF STOCK. The circle is complete !


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