Find most of the frequently asked questions on this page. If despite everything you still have questions, we are at your disposal via our Contact form or directly by phone or email.  
I have not received my order confirmation
Any paid order triggers the sending of an order confirmation email. First check the email address in your Kendama France account and then check your spam emails in your mailbox. If despite everything you do not find an order confirmation, send us a message at
I did not receive the kendama that I ordered
You notice an order preparation error when you open your package. Please check your order confirmation first and do not unpack the product from its packaging. Then send us a message and a photo of the product received to
I received a damaged product, what should I do?
You notice a defect or an inconvenience on your product, take clear and quality photos and send them to us at, we will answer you within 48 hours.
I want to return my order
You have 14 days from receipt of the package to return your order to us. The product must be new as well as its original packaging, undamaged. We will not be able to take back a product and its packaging if there are signs of wear. You are responsible for the return costs. Here is the process:

  • Notify us by email at to notify us of your wish.
  • send your order back by Colissimo to the address below, we also invite you to read the Return article in the General Terms & Conditions.
  • upon receipt of your return, we will check everything is correct and refund your order.

23 Rue Etienne Richerand
69003 Lyon

Is the payment secured ?
Our website has a fully secure HTTPS connection. Regarding payments by credit card, we work with the payment service provider Hipay, which has the best security criteria. Any payment by credit card triggers a 3Dsecure validation request (sending of a code by sms to validate your payment).
How do I replace my string?
Your string is damaged or broken, find the tutorial Sweets to change your thong. You can also redeem them at retail in our shop at the category Accessories.

What if the Sarado moves?
If you notice that the Sarado moves on the handle here is the procedure: put the string in the axis of its passage, gradually push the Sarado until contact. Then put your kendama standing on the ground, the ball is placed next to it, then place your two palms on each side of the Sarado. Push in sharply. If despite this replacement, it moves after a few movements. You will need to put two small dots of wood glue on the sides of the hole in the handle (taking care that the string does not touch the glue).
How to learn to play kendama?
You learn more quickly to play kendama with someone or by watching videos on the internet. To learn to play kendama a very good way is to work at home the tricks of the tutorial videos. They allow you to correctly understand basic gestures, accelerate progress and develop creativity. look tutorial videos Sweets Kendamas !
Why put glue on the spike?
The practice is not common but some use it, it helps protect the tip of the spike so that it stays in good condition longer. There is a practical side but it can also bring a less good feeling to the spiking. More precisely at the level of more catchy friction and noise.
An online product is displayed out of stock, what should I do?
The products we offer on our Online Store are in stock and ready to ship. If the mention “out of stock” is displayed, it means that we are temporarily short but that we are continuing to work on this reference. When a product that you have seen or already purchased is no longer visible on the store, it means that we are no longer working on that product.
Can I choose the weight of my Kendama?
This is only possible on models Nativ Kendama. As all the other products are packaged, we do not open the packaging to keep them brand new. So if you have weight preferences for the Ken and Tama, ask us by email and we will confirm what we have. It is also possible to request the weight of a Sarado and a Sword separately from Nativ, think about it!
How long does the delivery take ?
For France, the average time noted for Colissimo is 2 days after deposit of the package at the post office. You will find more information on our page regarding delivery.
When do you send the orders?
Kendama France undertakes to prepare your order within 48 working hours of your purchase. Any order validated on a weekday is shipped within 2 days., for the weekend, shipping the next working day.
Is there a parcel number?
All packages are shipped with a tracking number which you will automatically receive by e-mail from Boxtal, our transport provider.
I made a mistake in the delivery address, how can I change?
If you notice an error in the delivery address, send us an email immediately to let us know and correct it. Then to update your delivery address, connect to your account and follow the directions indicated in the “addresses” tab.
There seems to be a problem transporting my package, what should I do?
Call us directly at 07 82 64 68 61 to discuss it together and we will initiate an investigation with the transport concerned to carry out research. Most delivery problems can be resolved if they are caught early. Monitoring your purchases and shipments closely is therefore putting the odds on your side to receive your order correctly.
Is delivery to a post office box possible?
We cannot ship to a post office box. Deliveries to military bases and army annexes are not possible either.