NATIV KENDAMA is a French kendama brand created at the beginning of 2016 by Kendama France. A project driven by the desire of two game enthusiasts to develop their own product. While honoring the French wood sector and the regional know-how of the turners.




The very essence of our products, we use regional woods (PEFC). Our wood species offer various characteristics, all adapted to the requirements of kendama by their exceptional densities. These varieties make the singularity of our products both in their playability and in the aesthetics they display.


the F ab

Our experienced wood turner was able to respond to the complexity imposed by the 3-room architecture of a kendama. With this collaboration, we are proud of the quality of our products and their degree of finish. Our proximity to the turning plant is a real advantage for the development of the brand and the restocking of our ranges.


the mind

The relationship with our craftsmen, our players, our partners and resellers make this project a human adventure where man and nature have a preponderant place. Our pleasure is found in each of our kendamas that we assemble by hand, piece by piece, in our workshop in Lyon, in order to guarantee everyone a product of French quality.


The Pro Models of Timothée Berthelot and Oscar Ealand are there.
After developing the brand new Proshape and two designer tamas, it is with great pride that we present these two kendamas to you. They embody a common desire to push playability to its maximum and the singularity of a tama, in their image, unique and creative!


The SCAROMOD consists of a thick green stripe which refers to the green of the OZORA LEAF GREEN, Oscar's first kendama bought in 2011. Overhung by a large topscope SCARO, his artist signature, a second white stripe is superimposed on the green in which flowered small logos Nativ. Finally, a area circular was printed all around the bevel, when it disappears the tama is perfectly break'in !
On the ken, Finding Balance has been engraved in the length of the sword, a title which perfectly represents the notion of balance of the kendama in its playability as in its state of mind. In the cups of the sarado is also engraved the concept of Wu-Wei in Chinese letters. A concept from Toism, a superior connection between the art and the one who practices it, as if the kendama became an extension of your hand.


The TBMOD consists of a predominant scope inspired by the pattern of a traditional Indian shirt, his favorite shirt for playing kendama! A half stripe has been laser engraved, accompanied by 3 kanji which mean “child of the trees“. In topscope the original Kendama France logo has been printed, a logo that Tim has loved since he started playing kendama. Regarding the ken, his initials TB have been engraved on the area of ​​the handelstall, one of his favorite figures. As well as a logo Nativ in reverse direction, for a normal reading direction only when you are in pinguin, also one of the figures very present in his tricks!

The ProShape was entirely designed and created by the two ProTeam players. Without denying its original curves, it contrasts with its predecessors. More fleshy overall, the shape of the ken is more rectilinear and radical than on the Dad Shape. Its generous cups and its larger spike offer better lunar but also more reactive kenflip. Thanks to a better adjusted center of gravity, versatility is essential. The voluntarily pronounced ringstall offers a frank and precise grip. The flatter edges of the cups also guarantee you crazy stalls! Finally, the “cone basecup” and its new design ensure effective stability for your lighthouse type balances. To compensate for possible “chips” during your taps, the thickness of the bevels has been reinforced.

Collection Nativ Trail now has two new additions to its ranks: the Black and the White! The product techs remain unchanged with the initial collection but this time the ken is in hornbeam wood, and still made in Jura.


The Trail design remains unchanged and guarantees you optimal tracking with its monochrome tones and bold stripes. The Syrup 'sticky' clear varnish and the Extra Bevel give you very good grip for handstands and great spiking!

Each setup is weighed to achieve the best possible balance. The sarado is always 5g heavier than the sword, and the ken as a whole matches the weight of the tama perfectly.


Collection Nativ RAW honors the brand's first models with tamas Natty (without varnish). For this model we have chosen Birch wood. A wood that is currently little used and yet offers interesting characteristics for playability. Its tenderness and its grain gives it a natural grip and a very appreciable feeling in the hand!

The design of the tama was entirely made by laser with a half-stripe crenellated as well as a scopeline simple and one topscope logo. Paired with the must-have Better Dad Shape with its Gradient Basecup hole, each piece has been carefully weighed to ensure a balanced kendama. The ken is available on three different woods, beech, hornbeam and ash which is making a big comeback on the shape!

The Pillow is the first drop Nativ of the year 2022 !!!
A design tama with curves and freshness with winter inspirations. Three superimposed wavy scopes, surmounted by the brand name, have been printed on the 360° tama. For the occasion, we have gone off the beaten track to offer a more ambitious design, leaving the straight stripes that we regularly find on our other models.

Associated with the essential Better Dad Shape with its Gradiant Basecup hole, this kendama was produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, weighed and assembled calmly by us in the workshop.


Trail is the new collection of Nativ Kendama, its colors and luminous textures of autumn and winter are once again a tribute to nature. Four colors are available with a half-stripe thick highlighted by 2 other thinner ones, black and white.

A Top Scope Logo Nativ uses the color of the main stripe as well as a white Scope around the hole to ensure excellent monitoring in addition to theExtra Bevel. This collection entirely made of beech wood.

Horizon is a collaboration with Kendama Israel. For this occasion, we wanted to honor the work of Aviram (co-founder of Kisr). Designer manufacturer renowned for the realization of hand painted tama.

A reflection on the colors of the sky, at different times of the day, will lead us to choose three gradients with singular colors, in addition to the “Natty” bevel and the very appreciative “Rhino clear”. Our Ken made of charming wood, is turned in Better Dad Shape and equipped with a base cup hole to bring a perfect balance to your lunars.

Black Forest is our second collaboration of the year 2021 with Da'O, after Graphite. This small quantity kendama is an ode to nature. A desire for the two manufacturers to assert their common and militant vision for the reduction of the impact on the environment.

The know-how of Da'O has been honored for the realization of handpaint as well as the application of varnish rubber. The tama design consists of a first color in the mass “fir green” allowing the grain of the beech wood to appear in transparency, a black scope to improve the tracking of the hole, as well as a generous top scope “ off-white ”where the logos of the two brands appear in pad printing.

The ken turned in Better Dad Shape made in the Jura made by Nativ, is made of beech wood. Each part has been carefully selected at the start of production to ensure premium quality during assembly.

The tama takes up the Crown design. Renowned for its tracking, this design for the first time frees itself from a background painting and lets the wood appear under these thick bands.


The tama takes up the Crown design, a classic of the brand that we no longer present! Renowned for its tracking, this design for the first time frees itself from a background painting and lets the wood directly appear under the thick stripes that make up the tama.

On this limited edition, the beech ken is turned in Better Dad Shape and fitted with the Gradiant Base Cup Hole. With almost 10gr of difference between the sword and the sarado, it offers a huge Lunar Balance.


The Pastel series is an ode to spring. A sweet and fresh collection inspired by the timeless tones of pastel.


These kendamas feature the Better Dad Shape and a Crown design tama with four pastel shades and a new top scope Nativ “Graffiti” edition! The new “Extra Bevel” is also standard on these novelties.


This limited edition series is inspired by a character theme that we really appreciate, coffee.


These kendamas are shot in Better Dad Shape with the “Gradiant Hole” an option we have chosen on some of our limited editions. The tamas take on the Crown (Espresso) and Track (Macchiato) design with a gradient of black and cream colors. They are now equipped with the new “Extra Bevel”, a new hole designed for more radical and definitely penetrating spiking!


This model embodies what we know how to do best, between wood enthusiasts and professionals, to develop a high-end kendama. First of all the ken. The introduction of the Better Dad Shape, an improved version of the Dad shape. An anthology of small alterations and the arrival of a base cup hole, the Gradiant. An atypical hole born from the diversion of a stepped milling cutter. Penetrating more than 4 cm in a conical cavity in the base of the cup, the Gradiant hole, in addition to relieving the end of the sword by about 5gr, significantly raises its center of gravity.


Made of Charming wood in our Jura manufacture, this ken crystallizes all our expectations in terms of product development and high-end placement. The tama represents the desire to combine design and tracking effectively. A report which is held in the proportions of the thicknesses and the placement of the stripes as well as the “soft” tones. Three “ivory” stripes highlighted by a thin and dominant stripe in “lead” gray. An elegant design, masterfully crafted by Da'Originz, our Austrian colleague and luxury manufacturer for this collaboration!


Dad TRACK is the latest collection Nativ of the year 2020. Four models have been produced and declined on this TRACK design tama, featuring 5 regular colored stripes on a white background. Both the Track and Crown have been applied with “sticky” clear Syrup, which gives them exceptional grip! These kendamas are mounted in Dad Shape on Beech wood with a long black string more rolling. The seal Nativ has changed to white on a holographic background for this collection.

Discover the TRACK collection in video

Dad CROWN is the first collection of this new year, released in August 2020. Four models available on this CROWN design tama, featuring 2 thick colored stripes on a white background and a topscope Nativ. This efficient, no-frills design offers exceptional tracking! The tamas are covered with the new “sticky” clear Syrup! They are mounted on a Dad Shape in Beech wood, with a long black string plus its bearing, all stamped with the latest Seal Nativ black on holographic background.

Discover the CROWNs through a Team Edit made in Lyon to celebrate the release of these new kendamas!


The idea for this collaboration was born out of a common desire to combine two unique brand universes which nonetheless converge towards the same desire to place nature at the center of their creations. Sol Kendamas claims a solar and luminous vision of the kendama, like a gift from the sky! The French brand advocates the birth of kendama from the earth, like a budding plant. Without sun no energy, without earth no nutrient, one does not go without the other and the association of these elements gives us this superb kendama, with a flamboyant tama! The set of colored stripes represents earth, wood, water, sky and sun which are the architects of this collaboration!
Nativ Kendama made the ken Dad in beech wood as well as the design of the tama, which was jointly validated and produced by the manufacturer of Sol Kendama. The coloring is applied to an ash wood tama then varnished in sticky clear.

Collaboration Nativ X Dao is an idealistic project. The desire to free oneself from the codes of the kendama industry, from the perpetual race for novelty, overproduction and the exhaustion of plant raw material resources. This kendama, produced in 55 units, reflects a vision that can be the making of an object by choosing what our two brands have best. Charming wood of French quality and the unique shape of Dao. No external subcontracting intervened in the production, our only manufacturing tools were used to create this collector's kendama!



The 2019 collection is marked by the arrival of a new shape! The DAD

The father of Progress, bigger, stronger, more versatile, for an improved gaming experience.

Renowned “slinger”, the Progress shape has been extensively revised, first thickened in the mass to give it better lunar balance and greater durability, its curves have been refined at the ends for more precise bird and ken control.


Behind this shape hides the work of the pro Team, 6 people involved in the development of this new project. The opportunity to open up the field of possibilities and meet all the expectations of our players and their sensitivity.
Discover the characteristics of the Dad Shape directly on product sheets Nativ.


Our expertise is shared by our Jura wood turner, who refines his techniques and tools with each new production batch, in order to guarantee high quality products. For 4 years now, he has been perfecting his training around the rigorous design of a kendama.


For this collection, the new shape has been overseen by 2 tama designs. The ONE and the FIVE which stand out with an eponymous stripe number, produced with a laser. The tama is in raw ash, equipped with a new bevel with a more open angle of penetration, perfect for promoting spiking!




NATIV PROGRESS is the brand's new range for 2018. An evocative name that announces the arrival of a new shape! A set of developments which aims to bring the playability of our kendamas upwards. A research and development work that we carried out over several months which is based on the advice of our ProTeam players Nativ and the increased experience of our Jura wood turner.


the S word

Its height has been increased by almost half a centimeter, slightly lengthening the size of the spike and giving a more slender figure to the kendama as a whole.

The curve leading to the spike, refined and precise, provides a better “spiking”.
The ring, thinner, stretches a few millimeters to improve its stall and allow a good grip for kenflips and juggles.

The string hole is now against drilled, in order to hide the knot of the string and thus guarantee a good tightening in sword / sarado force over time.


the S arado

The diameters of the cups have all been revised upwards by several millimeters to make the lunar balance more comfortable and improve the stalls.

The chamfers of the cups have been thickened and ensure better strength of the sarado in the event of repeated falls. Slightly longer, they are more massive and gain weight.

The sarado, despite the increase in cups remains thin in its center, in order to keep an excellent gunslinger!


the T ama

Le PURE, the original tama of the raw grain range, has been revisited thanks to a new non-ginning technique, which provides a so-called '' scratching '' raw touch that is naturally textured and eye-catching. A logosign Nativ is engraved at the top.

Le LINE, also raw tama, offers a laser-engraved “Scopeline” which radically improves “tracking”. A unique “Top Stripe” design is engraved at the top.

Le LEAD, a premium tama from Progress, features our “soft-touch” varnish, a laser-etched “Fullscope” and a unique “Topstripe” design.


The Progress range offers more technically accomplished kendamas and in order to improve their designs and their designs, it was essential for us to keep our production site in France, in order to offer you authentic products and a demanding look. on the quality of our wood.