Thibaut is one of the first Kendama players in France in the years 2005-2010, passionate and convinced by the “ban delirium” of Kendama, he practices and enters the sphere, still very young and discreet, of world kendama. It is spotted by Sweets Kendama, which entered the market in early 2010 and concluded a sponsorship with them. The following years and thanks to his sponsor he will travel to the USA, Hawaii and Japan for international competitions and gatherings. He has been collaborating since 2021 alongside Krom Kendama as Community Manager for the French market.

Thibaut we first met him on facebook when we landed in the game. He is the initiator of the group French Touch Kendama, the beginning of the Kendama community in France on the networks is therefore thanks to him. In the fall of 2015 we met in Annecy at the High Five Festival, we got closer as KDF grew bigger until he offered to ride with us the following year as an ambassador / filmaker via his personal project Arcos Visual. It is therefore by our side at various events throughout the year, including the European Championships, that he shares with us the passion for kendama. Some videos are therefore signed with his signature, we let you discover or rediscover his report on the OutdoorMix 16.


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