A look back at what's new in 2017

The months of late 2016 and early 2017 saw many new products landing on the kendama market! The store is full of new products from Krom et Sweets Kendamas. We decided to have our players test these little toys, they give you their feedback here:


For these 2017 Promodels, Sweets opted for the excellent F3 shape, opting for maple appreciated for its durability. The well-balanced ken combined with the clear cushion (although a bit heavy) greatly facilitates balance tricks. The scopeline and the association of colors of the tama offer exceptional tracking. The presence of the spinner instead of the bead is a nice little extra to avoid twisting the string during tricks. One of the best value for money to support your favorite pro!

KROM SLAYDAWG by Tim Berthelot

The Slaydawg is one of the great innovations of kendama at the end of 2016. It stands out from other KDs first of all by its slightly larger shape, which allows players to level up. In addition, the new varnish called “LOL clear” has the advantages of a sticky varnish while keeping an appreciable slippery side. Needless to say, “Dawgs” are excellent for stalls. The scopeline Krom allows very good tracking, finally its shape greatly facilitates the tracking of rotations (3 lighthouse flips, triple Jstick, etc.). In summary the Slaydawg is a complete kendama that will allow all types of players to improve even on standard size kendamas.


I tested the new kendama from home Sweets : the Prime.
The shape of the prime is slightly different from the "traditional" shape of the kendama. The diameter of the three cups is larger, the general shape is quite prominent. The Prime is really interesting to play, we feel that this kendama was designed for "new generation" tricks such as juggles, taps, lunars, flips... And especially lunars!
For older players like me, it's a bit difficult to get used to the shape in terms of grip, especially in “sara grip”. But in a few days it was fixed.

I was surprised by the painting, I thought it would hang too much for my taste. But it has a good balance, not too much grip for lighthouses but enough to make big lunar lines and edge them.

I really liked this new shape, it allowed me to enter some difficult lines more easily. Personally I still prefer the more classic forms but it is a very good kendama for beginners as well as for more experienced people.

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