If you know the kendama then you know the Krom Pop. This iconic collection revolutionized the game in the summer of 2017 and caused the effect of a tsunami in the world of kendama. With the release of new Krom pop lol today, we take this opportunity to come back to this phenomenon which has shifted the lines in our community and beyond.


Global change

You got it, there was the era of kendama before the Krom Pop and after. France, who was already an important player on the European scene, keeps this memory in mind. First, if we had to be fair, and since we attribute to Krom Kendama only this evolution, we can say that the movement was in fact a little global. Indeed that same year Sweets Kendamas also launches across the Atlantic the Sweets Premium, the equivalent of the American firm's Pop. This amplifies the change that is in the process of operating, the two large communities of players (European and American) then become aware of the phenomenon and everyone wants theirs to try. The two biggest global brands have succeeded, and a new era in kendama can begin.


BL Shape: a new kendama

Never the dimensions of a kendama had moved so much, it is the starting point of the phenomenon. Indeed the dimensions of a kendama were until then very strict, and the Japanese kendama federation (JKA) made sure that it stays that way. In 30 years the general form had remained more or less the same. It is therefore thanks to the growing demand from brands and players who wanted to change the object that things have changed. Industry wants to make the item more accessible to new fans, and gamers also want to push the boundaries of the game more easily.

What has changed considerably in the shape is this modern, clean and bigger design overall. We discover a better thought out and successful product for the gameplay. The cups, larger, allow to better place the tama and encompass it perfectly. The point is thinner and the hole of the bevel in the tama more inclined and wider. The BaseCup is wide and hugs the tama in a lighthouse like never before. And finally a simple and effective design tama with a Rubber varnish.

Global momentum

These developments have helped to develop the level of play of players from all over the community. So we have seen new figures appear when others now fit comfortably. The global level of play is changing, evolving and improving. Passion gave birth to a real desire for evolution. Since then, all the brands in the world have followed suit and the shapes have evolved enormously. Even the most original like Ozora Kendama with his Ozora reshape.


The world's best-selling kendama collection

To stay on top of the highlights around the release of these products 4 years ago, Krom Kendama announced that it is the best-selling kendama collection in the world. Just that. Indeed, the Copenhagen brand announces that it has sold 300 units since its launch. In 000 Romania was the new eldorado of kendama in Europe, and it seems that 2017 Pop were sold just in the country… insane! In addition, during these years, limited editions of these models appeared in order to renew this collection from time to time. Some even ended up joining the classic range like the Krom Pop Black and Krom Pop Naked below :


Krom Pop Lol, the new version of the range

The new generation of Pop has arrived and the succession seems assured. First observation all 11 classic colors remain unchanged but the tama is shiny as ever, the Rubber is no longer and gives way to LOL Clear (sticky). The shape also, after years of good and loyal service, it has changed to CK, we could say that this is the 2020 version of the BL shape. Krom decided to accentuate the elements of the sarado and make the sword slightly larger overall. We appreciate the machining work around the protruding ring! It seems that this new collection has left to break records, and its release today, Tuesday August 31, 2021, is worldwide! We let you discover these models in store below.

  • kendama_krom_pop_lol_yellow_face
    Kendama Krom Pop Lol Yellow
  • kendama_krom_pop_lol_orange_face
    Kendama Krom Pop Lol Orange
  • Kendama Krom Pop Lol Lavender
    Kendama Krom Pop Lol Lavender
  • kendama_krom_pop_lol_dark_blue_face
    Kendama Krom Pop Lol Dark Blue
  • kendama_krom_pop_lol_dark_green_face
    Kendama Krom Pop Lol Dark Green

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