European Kendama Championship


Recap 'of the European Kendama Championship in Copenhagen.

Hi everyone it's Tim, on June 1st the European Kendama Championship was held in Copenhagen. This was the opportunity for me, with the help of Nativ Kendama, to go to the land of “kromies ”during this crazy event. The competition took place on Saturday, but different activities were planned for the previous days.

Wednesday-Thursday / Sesh

Sesh 'every afternoon with all the players in the streets of Copenhagen. This is the opportunity to slay with different profiles coming from different backgrounds. This cultural mix is ​​very appreciable and allows you to revisit new games or variations of old ones. The term “Kendama Fam” takes on its full meaning in these moments, everyone helps each other, chill and share! Finally, on each place visited, we introduced the kendama to as many people as possible. Indeed we were a group of about twenty individuals playing with an unknown wooden object, obviously the kendama attracts attention.

Friday / Open Grain Theory

This trip being the last stage of the Euro tour of the brand grain theory, an open was organized in the famous Krom shop. The double elimination competition allows you to face high level players without being eliminated in the first round. The list of tricks being rather simple, the competition is played on the regularity and the confidence of the players. Here are the results :

Saturday / European Kendama Championship

Last and most important stopover, theEuropean Kendama Championship !

The place is extremely cool, and very impressive at the same time with the stage in front of the audience. Something to make your hands tremble.
We are 50 participants, in order to decide between ourselves we are divided into different groups and we have 1 min and 30 sec to do our best in front of the judges and be in the first 16 to access the next stages. Or Emile, neither Thibaut nor I will be able to qualify.
The first 16 then face each other in 1 against 1, with direct elimination.

Special mention to Rolf who organized and followed the event throughout the day and who managed to get on the podium. But also to Bonz who achieved one of his best runs on stage to earn his 3rd place:

To finish I think we can thank Krom kendama for having organized this international event here in Europe, and allowed to meet so many legend of Kendama during a short week. The memory is memorable and the atmosphere was great, hope the edition will be renewed next year. While waiting for the aftermovie by Krom on their Youtube channel, watch the account @eukendamachamp on IG and watch the live stream below!

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