Dama session at Confluence


A look back at the DamaSession at the Musée des Confluences





On Saturday April 27, we organized the first DamaSession of the year at the Musée des Confluences de Lyon. The good weather was not there, but the competitors were present and determined. This session allowed players from the region to meet and compete on different competitive formats: open, speed ladder, dama blitz… but also on more fun games such as spikes off or unicorn battles. Do not hesitate to go check the article ” The Rules”To know the different rules. Nearly thirty players came in the afternoon. Some to discover and exchange with the team and other players, or to try to win the organized challenges. Competitions do not rhyme with showing off. Here the atmosphere is as always relaxed and the moment convivial. Come join us in the next DamaSession !




Thank you to all participants for this session. Big up to Emile Ducasse (Kendama Friendz) from Toulouse and Thymoté Bourreau (Ambassador) from Paris who made the trip to participate and chill with everyone. Big thumbs up to Thomas robert for winning the open. Hope you had a good time, see you next time DamaSession very soon. We leave you on a video ofAlex, talented videographer who concocted a little recap video of the event:


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